I Saw You- Monthly Muse

The September Monthly muse continues with the poem “I Saw You” by Akilah Bel. It is accompanied by artwork from Kelly Pieterse.


The Ninja Files: Mission Kill Phil

We continue the Ninja Files with the tale of Mission Kill Phil, by Emily Wetterich. The Assassin Games continue, and may the spoon be with you.


Sanbien Children’s Home: A Place where Magic Happens

Every month a group of JET ALTs head to the Sanbien Children’s Home for an afternoon of fun and interaction with disadvantaged children from the Onomichi area. If you’re interested in joining us please see the information here.


Wide Island View

The Wide Island View is a webzine written for and by members of the JET Programme in Hiroshima, Japan. 

In addition to news and information about events for Hiroshima JETs, the Wide Island View publishes content of interest to JETs throughout Japan including articles about travel, Japanese culture, Japanese study, recipes and more. All JETs and JET alumni are encouraged to contribute, as well as other members of the English speaking community throughout Japan. Welcome and enjoy! 


Sand, Seafood, and Sightseeing – A Trip to Tottori

While Tottori is not the first thing that comes to peoples’ minds when they think of tourism in Japan, Kathy Rice shares her travels around the Tottori Sand Dunes, a destination gradually gaining popularity around Japan.

Fukuyama Nights: The Best Bar Around

Fukuyama Nights: Bacon Goodness

Cold, Sweat, and Soup!

Gazpacho Recipe

Shoulder Sweets and Miracle Treats