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Hiroshima JET Scholarship Fund (HJSF)

What we Do

The aim of the Hiroshima JET Scholarship Fund (HJSF) is, simply, to give a student the chance to go abroad. We aim to award one lucky student with ¥250,000 to go on a study abroad program of their choice. We work in Japan, we teach these kids, and we want them to experience what we tell them about life outside Japan and put their English to real use.

How We Do It

HJSF was inspired by the success stories we heard about the Shimane AJET Scholarship Fund and the Fukuoka AJET Scholarship Fund. Here, we have to give a huge shout out to former Hiroshima JET Carlye Hodel for getting the ball well and truly rolling, and bringing the committee together.

The HJSF committee began work on the Hiroshima version back in early 2015 and in March 2016 we finally awarded the scholarship to the first winner of the fund. In February 2017, our second winner was decided. You can check out our winners on our website.

Thanks to the hugely generous donations from the JETs in Hiroshima prefecture, donations from the Indiegogo campaign and a U.S. Embassy micro-grant in our first year, the scholarship continues to grow. We appreciate your support and are looking forward to a big year ahead in 2017/18.

How You Can Help

What’s next? With the JET community’s help, we hope to increase the number of applicants in the coming year. Without you promoting the fund, asking permission from your school and encouraging your students, we would have no student to give the money to. Both the written sections of the application and the interview are in 100% English, so even if your student is not chosen as the winner, completing the application and, possibly moving on to the interview would be a great experience and a noteworthy achievement. We will continue fundraising activities for future campaigns, and we are already ahead of the game, carrying over excess funds from last year’s campaign. One day, we would like to increase the amount of money awarded to the lucky student, or offer the scholarship to two students. For that to happen, we’ll need a lot of support from JETs in the prefecture.

For Current ALTs

Applications are open from June onward. We need JETs to promote the fund in their schools and get students applying!
As a committee, we read the applications and select those who show real enthusiasm for studying abroad and learning, speaking, and using English. These selected students then advance to the interview stage. Every year so far, we can honestly say the selection process has been challenging, but very rewarding.

Visit our website for additional information.

What's Next?

We have over 100 amazing JETs in this prefecture, so we believe this is fully possible. We need the continual support from the JET community to be able to offer this amazing opportunity to our students. Obviously your donations, however big or small, mean a great deal to us, but so does your work in promoting the scholarship in your schools. Maybe our next winner will be one of your students!

Find Us Online

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e-mail: hiro.scholarship@gmail.com