9.3 C
Hiroshima, Japan
Saturday, Mar. 23, 2019

60 Days of Summer- Feature Photo

Photo by Akilah Bel Castle in the Rain 2016/06 Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture Fukuyama Castle is a fixture of the city, which is constantly featured in art, photographs...

Sakura Showdown Contest 2016, 1ST PLACE

Now, to bring our Sakura Showdown Contest 2016 to close, here is the winning photo by Michael Lohr. Take a look and the beautiful and stunning photo taken in Ohori Park.

Sakura Showdown Contest 2016, 2ND PLACE

We continue our "Sakura Showdown" contest with the second place photo from Dana Warren. You can view and learn more about this amazing photo here.

Sand, Seafood, and Sightseeing – A Trip to Tottori

While Tottori is not the first thing that comes to peoples’ minds when they think of tourism in Japan, Kathy Rice shares her travels around the Tottori Sand Dunes, a destination gradually gaining popularity around Japan.

What do you like the most about Fall?

Fall is the season of beautiful colours, a temperate climate and amazing food. In our latest "Poll Me" by Riza Ugalino, go ahead and vote on "What you like the most about the Fall season?"

Beauty after the Rain

It's time for Midweek Muse once again. This week's muse comes from Akilah Bel with a photo entitled "Beauty after the Rain".