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Life After the B.O.E.

LIfe After the B.O.E. 6/15/11

Having only 26 characters to deal with does make things a tad easier...

From Novice to Professional-A JET Alum’s Journey

This year the JET programme celebrates its 30th anniversary.  As such a long standing institution, there have been many talented and promising individuals who...

Where Are They Now? JET Alumni Jake Vollebregt and Arrun Soma

Hiroshima JET alumni Jake Vollebregt and Arrun Soma answer some questions about what they've been up to post-JET and how the JET experience has...

Where Are They Now? JET Alum Nick Bradley

Hiroshima JET alum Nick Bradley answers some questions about what he’s been up to post-JET.

Where are they now? JET Alum- Marissa Trierweiler

As many of our JETs prepare for their final weeks on the JET programme, the question of what to do next often pops up. To provide inspiration on what to do next, we are pleased to once again bring you the "Where are they now?" series. To get us started, we have an interview with JET alum- Marissa Trierweiler about her exciting and intriguing activities, post-JET.

Life After the B.O.E. 3/28/10

Gotta love those school rules...

Life After the B.O.E. 7/4/10

You're in Japan! Who needs air conditioning?

Life After the B.O.E. 2/15/10

Valentine's Day realizations...

Life After the B.O.E. 2/22/10

Samui ne!

Life After the B.O.E. 6/01/2011

The truth about remote island placements.