9.3 C
Hiroshima, Japan
Saturday, Mar. 23, 2019

Poll Me: How would you survive the summer heat?

Summer in Japan is synonymous with heat, but can you imagine dealing with that heat without an air conditioner? Join us in our first poll of the new weekly series "Poll Me" by Riza Ugalino.

Fitness in the Great Outdoors

Lauren is back with another fitness submission, this time with tips for taking advantage of the warmer weather with outdoor exercise!

The Many Faces of Post-JET Employment

In this insightful article, Leslie Wier gives wise and real advice for post-JET success based on career goals and personality type.

An Easy Guide for Filing Your Tax Return for American JETs

It's spring and with the beautiful blossoms beginning to emerge, so too is the dreaded tax season. But fear not, at least all you American JETs. This year we've got you covered with an easy-to-follow tax guide, written especially for you by Hiroshima ALT and future block 9 representative, Maia Martucci and her father, Joe Martucci who is a Vice President of Finance with a Masters in Taxation.

Weights Review

Our resident fitness expert, Lauren Frederick, is back this week with a rundown of how to create your very own home gym. Take a look inside for some handy advice and a review of the best weights to stock your personal workout haven.

Cold, Sweat, and Soup!

Lauren Frederick is back with her bi-weekly wisdom to keep you healthy and active this winter. Check out her latest article for a fun, music-filled workout and a hearty Japanese soup recipe. You won't be disappointed.

Fighting the Cold

With the temperature dropping by the week, Akilah's tips for keeping warm are a god-send. Be sure to read this latest article for generous advice on how to stay warm this fall and winter season.

Shoulder Sweets and Miracle Treats

Our fitness columnist, Lauren Frederick, is back this week with some great tips to keep in shape and fend off those winter bugs. Read on for for a challenging upper body workout plan and a delicious crepe recipe to get your day started.

Fall Fitness Tips

Fall is here and with the changing leaves comes cooler weather. It's the season of pumpkin lattes and hot cocoa, of curling up under the kotatsu and hiding indoors from the chilly winds. Hence, it's often the season of weight gain. But it doesn't have to be! Lauren Frederick has compiled a list of expert tips to help you stay fit this fall season. Check them out today!

Meet Your 2014-2015 Hiroshima Block Leaders!

Get to know your Hiroshima block leaders! These are the people who will be representing you and acting as a source of wisdom for all your culture shocked questions and queries during the 2014-2015 JET year.