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Winter Photo Contest 2010 — With Prizes!

We're putting on a photo contest and giving away cool prizes! All you have to do is send an email.

The Many Faces of Post-JET Employment

In this insightful article, Leslie Wier gives wise and real advice for post-JET success based on career goals and personality type.

Health Corner: Living Through “Mindfulness”

Life as a teacher in a foreign country is a rewarding and enjoyable one. Yet, it does not go without times of frustration and stress. Diet, exercise, work, rest, and play are obvious things that impact our daily state of well-being. However, in this article I would like to concentrate more on a certain philosophy and way of thinking that I have found useful in leading a happier/healthier life, one being the practise of mindfulness.

Hospitalization & surgery in Japan: What I went through with cancer

The Japanese medical system has a bit of a mixed reputation, especially with foreigners. The medical technology and know-how here are certainly among the best in the world, and the social welfare system makes it relatively affordable for everyone. But issues of privacy, medicines that can be weaker than Western ones, inexperienced young doctors, and the occasional questionable diagnosis make a trip to the hospital/clinic a generally frustrating affair. I recently had a rather serious, in-depth experience with the Japanese medical system, which included surgery and a five-day hospitalization.

My New (School) Year’s Resolution

Feel like you can't change anything you don't like about your job? Don't wait around in limbo during the downtime between closing and opening ceremonies. It may seem like you have nothing to do now, but this is the best time to actually remedy what ails you and to implement new ideas. All it takes is some patience and perseverance.

A commentary on life as a “gaijin”

I am a gaijin. I accept it. I am not trying to create any debate or start a social revolution in Japan, but here is a brief description of my life in Japan, and my thoughts on the concept of the word, “gaijin”.

Top Ten Tips from the JET Returner’s Conference

Top ten tips picked up by a JET who attended the 2011 Conference for Returning JETs.

Scootin’ Around: Getting your 50cc license

Courtney Coppernoll tells us everything we need to know to get a 50cc scooter license in Hiroshima.

WWII soldier’s flag leads Hiroshima JET on journey to Niigata Prefecture

As I exited Nagaoka Station, I had no idea what would happen over the course of the next several hours. After taking an all-night bus trip from Hiroshima to Tokyo and then hopping on a train for another couple hours to reach this city in Niigata Prefecture, my wife, Tomoko, and I were tired yet enthusiastic to see how this day I had long-awaited would turn out. We had come to Nagaoka to finish something that was long overdue. My grandfather served in the United States Army for the entire duration of World War II. In the spring of 1945, in the Philippines, he came into possession of a Japanese war flag.

Guidelines to Obtaining a Japanese Driver’s Licence

So, you want to drive a car in Japan, and you need to get a Japanese driver's license? Don't dismay? Here are some guidelines and tips to help you get on your way!