7.1 C
Hiroshima, Japan
Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019

Humble Beef Stew

The recent stormy weather makes me feel that autumn is definitely approaching. This is the sort of weather that inspires you to stay indoors, curl up with a good book or movie, and just relax. It also makes me crave a pot of stew, something hearty, rich, and filling – comfort food, in short. So, if the weather keeps you inside, or you simply feel the urge for something tasty at home, give this recipe a try.

Eating to Keep Cool and Energized During Japanese Summer (or, Centuries...

I toss and turn all night in the prickly heat. My muscles can barely push down the pedals of my bicycle. At school, my thought processes move at a glacial pace, despite my flushed cheeks and the sweat trickling off my forehead.

Seasonal Eating in Japan: Dried Persimmons

Wondering what to do with that big pile of persimmons a co-worker gave you? Drying persimmons is super easy and they're really delicious! Here's how to do it.

Seasonal Eating in Japan: Ratatouille Recipe

Ratatouille is the epitome of French gastronomy, yet it's the perfect recipe for Japan if you want to use the fresh summer veggies that flood the supermarket during the summer. Japan produces amazing eggplant, and ratatouille is the perfect dish to make with them.

An introduction to seasonal eating in Japan

While it is possible, living in Japan, to purchase imported foods to cook some dishes that remind you of your home country, it can be inconvenient and expensive. Learning to cook some of the unfamiliar vegetables you see temporarily grace the supermarket shelves as the seasons pass, however, brings its own sense of satisfaction and introduces you to new aspects of food culture in Japan.

Seasonal Eating in Japan: Daikon recipes

It’s daikon season folks! Daikon, or Japanese radish, will always mysteriously find its way onto your plate, be it in a sushi shop’s fancy stringy garnish or the oden tub next to the cash register in pretty much any konbini in Japan. It’s also a school lunch favorite. Like it or not, you are probably eating daikon almost everyday or at least every week. This Halloween, I went to the Sera Daikon Festival, where I saw just how much Japanese fancy their daikon. Fall is the season when the vegetable is firmest and sweetest.

How to make umeshu (plum wine)

Making umeshu, or plum liquor, is a highly orchestrated and seasonal activity in Japan. Walk into any supermarket at the end of May and you are bound to see a display of glass or plastic jugs, plums, rock sugar and cartons of mysterious alcohol that you can use to brew your own batch of this sweet yet sour beverage. It's the perfect umeshu kit just waiting for you.

Recipe: Pickled rakkyo

I am addicted to pickled rakkyo. Half small onion and half garlic tsukemono, rakkyo is a crunchy delight that you can prepare easily at home. The end of May is the official rakkyo pickling season, so let's get pickling!

Recipe: Kakigohan

Take advantage of the bounty from the Inland Sea with this simple recipe for kakigohan, or rice with oysters.