9.3 C
Hiroshima, Japan
Saturday, Mar. 23, 2019

Warming up winter with Nabe

Your students are shivering their way through lessons, you don't dare brave school without plastering kairo all over your body and now you don't even have the thought of an impending Christmas escape to somewhere hot to cheer you up. It's definitely January in Japan. Japan goes some way to making up for its lack of central heating with numerous winter wonders: heated carpets, the kotatsu, onsen and those little blankets that people cart around to work, libraries, cafes etc., to name but a few. For me, however, the absolute best thing about winter in Japan has to be the obsession with nabemono: literally "cooking pot" + "things/stuff", and more commonly called simply nabe, which will quickly and easily warm the cockles of your heart and leave you feeling much more positive about life.

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