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Hiroshima, Japan
Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019

Seasonal Eating in Japan: Ratatouille Recipe

Ratatouille is the epitome of French gastronomy, yet it's the perfect recipe for Japan if you want to use the fresh summer veggies that flood the supermarket during the summer. Japan produces amazing eggplant, and ratatouille is the perfect dish to make with them.

Fukuyama Nights: a Trip to Kensington Pub

Fukuyama Nights: A Trip to Kensington Pub Written by Elliott Yoo   The Kensington Pub is located in 大黒町 (Daikoku-chō), which is just north of the JR...

Bon appetit? What it’s like to eat Flipper

Last weekend I ate dolphin. Wait! Where are you going? Let me explain. I did not set out to eat dolphin. I went to an international exchange barbecue hosted by my friend in Osaka. The participants came from Japan, America and Australia. We all brought food and drinks for one another, and learned how to play cricket. We fired up the grill and started throwing on what we brought, and one of the Australians said, “I have a bit of dolphin in the cooler if you want to try.”

Recipe Time: Nikujaga

When the weather is cold, nothing is better than having a warm, tasty treat to keep your spirits up. In this month's recipe time, we have the Japanese traditional food Nikujaga. A warm and filling meal, straight from "mother's kitchen". Check out Stephen Crawford's article here.

How to make umeshu (plum wine)

Making umeshu, or plum liquor, is a highly orchestrated and seasonal activity in Japan. Walk into any supermarket at the end of May and you are bound to see a display of glass or plastic jugs, plums, rock sugar and cartons of mysterious alcohol that you can use to brew your own batch of this sweet yet sour beverage. It's the perfect umeshu kit just waiting for you.

Anna Purna: A Little Taste of India in Hiroshima-ken

Anna Purna is a top-notch, Nepalese-run Indian restaurant with a well-deserved reputation. Most JETs who live in the Fukuyama area are more than familiar with its delightful ambience, flavorful curries, and consistent quality. Instead, I am writing this article mainly for the benefit of others who visit the area, and might fancy a fantastic Indian meal to round off their day or kick-start their night.

This Bread is Bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Bananas, gotta love ‘em. They are the perfect on-the-go breakfast. They are a healthy, no-fuss snack. They are the only affordably priced fruit in all of Japan. Even when left on your counter a few days too long and they’ve turned black, kind of squishy, looking sad and a little less than appetizing—they are actually in the perfect state to make some bangin’ banana bread!

Saijo Sake Fest: The Best AND The Rest

This is a journey that I like to call, “journey to the sake festival.” It sounds generic and kind of like something you would name a photo album on Facebook, I know, but it really does sum up this story pretty well.

Tabemono Time: Meal Planning & Jar Salads

Scrambling for some quick and healthy meal ideas? Look no further! Abigail Clark from the Toyama Tram has you covered. Read on to learn how to make your very own jar salads.