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Hiroshima, Japan
Friday, Feb. 15, 2019

Sand, Seafood, and Sightseeing – A Trip to Tottori

While Tottori is not the first thing that comes to peoples’ minds when they think of tourism in Japan, Kathy Rice shares her travels around the Tottori Sand Dunes, a destination gradually gaining popularity around Japan.

Fukuyama Nights: The Best Bar Around

In his latest bar review, Elliott Yoo takes us to elegant Fukuyama establishment, Perle. With their unique fragrances (yes, you read that right) and stellar drinks, it's a place you'll be sure to want to check out the next time you're looking to unwind.

Fukuyama Nights: Bacon Goodness

Elliott Yoo is back this week with a review of top notch izakaya, Tenkabashi, in Fukuyama City. Whether you're looking for some flavourful food or a fun place to spend with friends, you won't be disappointed.

Cold, Sweat, and Soup!

Lauren Frederick is back with her bi-weekly wisdom to keep you healthy and active this winter. Check out her latest article for a fun, music-filled workout and a hearty Japanese soup recipe. You won't be disappointed.

Gazpacho Recipe

Cold got you down? Looking for a new recipe to spice up your weekly routine? We've got you covered with Brandy Tacket's groovin' gazpacho recipe! You won't want to miss this one. So grab your chef's hat and let's get cooking!

Shoulder Sweets and Miracle Treats

Our fitness columnist, Lauren Frederick, is back this week with some great tips to keep in shape and fend off those winter bugs. Read on for for a challenging upper body workout plan and a delicious crepe recipe to get your day started.

Fukuyama Nights: Samurai Sandwiches

In his latest review, Elliott Yoo takes you to one of Fukyama's finest sandwich shops, the Samurai Delicatessen. Read on for more about these mouthwatering samurai sandwiches. You won't be disappointed.

Fukuyama Nights: a Trip to Kensington Pub

Fukuyama Nights: A Trip to Kensington Pub Written by Elliott Yoo   The Kensington Pub is located in 大黒町 (Daikoku-chō), which is just north of the JR...

Restauranteer Report: Tinto

Craving a mouthwatering Italian meal? Or maybe you're in the mood for some spicy Spanish flavour. Read Gavin Bingë's latest restauranteer report for all the details on Hiroshima City's enchanting Tinto restaurant.

Restauranteer Report: 45 Bis あわ

Join Gavin Bingë and his Hiroshima Restauranteers as they indulge in and review the best cuisine the prefecture has to offer. First report, the charming Italian restaurant, 45 Bis あわ.