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Hiroshima, Japan
Saturday, Mar. 23, 2019

Happily Not Hitting the Target

In kyudo, you don’t hope to hit the target or fear missing it.

Scratch That : “It’s Not A Mess, It’s Art”

Can't visit Naoshima? Your dose of art from Ava Grauls.

Scratch That : “Enkai Magic”

Comics and Sketches by Ava Grauls.

Decoding Emoticons (?_?)

At some point in history, someone somewhere placed a colon next to an end parenthesis, took a creative leap and saw : ) a smiling face.

Pass the Pickles, Please

“Lunch?” repeats the JET alumnus, leaning forward and cocking his head. “Well, school lunch wasn’t too bad,” he relays, “It was balanced, at least.” A slow, sheepish grin spreads across his face and crinkles his eyes. “I mean, like… it was a lot healthier than my usual instant curry sauce on spaghetti dinner,” he shrugs.

Yoshimizu Garden: A Festival For Frogs

On the third and fourth of June each year, Akiota Town (where I live) holds a Frog Festival in Kake. A couple of weeks before I'd heard about this event, the rice fields next to where I lived had been invaded by an army of frogs, so many and so loud that my family could hear them on Skype! The town logo is also a frog, so it seemed to make sense that - of course - there would also be a Frog Festival.

Osusume desu! Graffity Mexican-American Restaurant

I’ve had my share of Spanish/Mexican food in Japan. From Hiroshima’s Cusco Café and Tinto’s Restaurant to the do-it-yourself ingredients sold at Jupiter to the Visitor’s Day at the Iwakuni Airbase (which I went to solely to taste the delights of the on-base Taco Bell).

Traditional American Clothing, or The Lack Thereof

In book 3 of the JET Language Course there is a dialogue on the International Festival (国際フェア). Kim Sonho - a favorite language workbook character and close friend to Nancy Nagai - provides some photos from last year’s festival. He describes how all the JETs in the area gather for the International Festival. They introduce their country, cook traditional food, put on folk costumes, and take pictures with the area residents. At this point, I begin thinking “いいな!”

Does Your Blood Type Match Your Personality?

Have your students asked your ketsueki-gata (血液型), or blood type? Have you noticed that celebrities in Japan often have their blood types listed as part of their vital statistics, and people even know the blood type of their favorite anime character? In Japan, blood type is seen as an important indicator of personality and personal success, similar to the way that Westerners sometimes put faith in astrology. Out of the four blood types, A, B, AB and O, each has positive and negative traits associated with it.

Video: Dazzling Hanami in Senkoji, Onomichi

Behind every video is a story. This video was shot at the hanami party in Senkoji, Onomichi in April 2011. Hanami is a beautiful time in Japan when people get together to eat, drink, and gaze at the natural beauty of the newly-bloomed cherry blossoms.