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Hiroshima, Japan
Saturday, Mar. 23, 2019

From Heaven to Hell in Under 5 Hours

By Mark Morgan

Day in the Life: Mihara Flight Crash

By Courtney D.

F1: The Japanese Grand Prix

By Nikolai Mastrovich

Lighting My Way: Lantern Festival in Beautiful Onomichi

By Fiona Dwinger There are memorable experiences to be made, positive impressions to be gained, bizarre occurrences to be remembered in my new home - quaint, beautiful, bohemian, heart-warming Onomichi. One in particular however, stood out even amongst the outstanding, and that was the Onomichi Lantern Festival.

Saijo Sake Fest: The Best AND The Rest

This is a journey that I like to call, “journey to the sake festival.” It sounds generic and kind of like something you would name a photo album on Facebook, I know, but it really does sum up this story pretty well.

The Adventures of Ryo Takeshita BET: London England, Part I

Part I of this parody series examines what we have all come to know as "the JET experience," by offering a comical role reversal which places a Japanese citizen in London as an ALT.

誰も知らない / Nobody Knows Film Review

As dinner is served, Keiko explains the rules of the new apartment. “Don’t scream or talk in loud voices and don’t go outside” she says, jokingly threatening boisterous Shigeru with a kancho (enema) if he can’t keep to the rules. Keiko is playful, but something doesn’t quite sit right with her and it doesn’t take long for a nagging sense of apprehension to set in. Forget melodrama and clichés, Nobody Knows is as authentic as cinema experiences come. With his other critically acclaimed works, Koreeda has undoubtedly ascended to the ranks of Japan’s best creative directors.

Squatter-Loos, Sun and Soulwax: This is Summer Sonic

I was looking forward to what Summer Sonic had to offer, but I wondered if the heat of the Japanese summer sun would leave me craving a typhoon to cool me down.

Sounds in Hiroshima: Ben Folds Five

This is the first article from our new music reviewer Dan Wilson. Each month Dan will highlight an artist who is performing in Hiroshima. Let the musical education begin!

Welcome to Akitsu

Perhaps the best time to visit Akitsu would be during spring to enjoy some hanami in the town’s biggest and best park, Shoufukujiyama kouen.