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Hiroshima, Japan
Saturday, Mar. 23, 2019

Poll Me: What happens next?

Back with an interesting and intriguing question to get our brains tingling, we're proud to bring back our "Poll Me" series. So why not go ahead and take a look at today's question, "Should I say hello?" by Auriza Ugalino.

Acupuncture For The Win

Acupuncture has existed for thousands of years and yet, for the uninitiated, the question remains: Do little needles stabbing your pressure points have any medical benefits? I was one of these people, until recently. Stretching, massage, Japanese Icy-Hot, and ibuprofen all failed to relieve my worn out knees and legs, and after two months of pain I finally decided to give acupuncture a shot.

The Japanese Way: No swimsuits in the onsen, please!

One of my favorite things about Japan is the onsen. Nothing melts away stress quite like a two or three hour soak in a hot bath. So, when I was talking to my mom about going to an onsen when she comes to Japan she was completely on board with the idea...until I got to the part about being naked. At that point she decided she could do without that particular cultural experience.

The Adventures of Ryo Takeshita BET: London England, Part I

Part I of this parody series examines what we have all come to know as "the JET experience," by offering a comical role reversal which places a Japanese citizen in London as an ALT.

A new way to travel: Willing workers on organic farms

For me, life in Japan wasn’t at all what I had expected. Actually it was my goal to come here with as few expectations as possible, but visions of my new life in Japan had nonetheless found their way into my head long before I ever arrived. The problem with expectation is that it often doesn’t match reality. I came to Hiroshima in August 2003 to teach English at a high school in a small city suburb. I waited for the Japanese people to invite me out – to show me the sights, introduce me to their culture, and to teach me their language. I waited and I got increasingly confused and frustrated. Eventually I came to realize that if I wanted to meet interesting Japanese people, have memorable Japanese experiences and connect on the level that I hoped for, I would have to be more pro-active in my efforts.

Getting To Know Hiroshima-ken

Warning: After reading this article you may be so overwhelmed by the amount of awesome in Hiroshima that you'll never want to leave. So, if you're hoping to travel outside Japan, or even to other areas of Japan, we recommend reading this article after you've already taken those trips.

Video: Tattooed ALTs

Three ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers) share their experience living and working in Japan, a country where tattoos are generally taboo. Many people will tell you about the social stigma that comes with tattoos in Japan. However, as you will see in this video, things are not nearly as bad as many people seem to suggest. As a matter of fact, it is often other foreigners who seem to pass the most judgement.

Getting into Japanese TV

As I sit here thinking about what to write for this article, I flick my eyes up to “The Best House” special on TV to see them counting down the top three styles of scissors from the world. It’s not strange until I write it down…Arrgh, have I really become that numbed to the absurdity of Japanese TV and culture?

Traditional net fishing lures sightseers to Tomonoura’s Taiami Festival 鯛網

Every year during the month of May the historic port city of Tomonoura hosts the Taiami Fishing Festival. During this celebration of traditional fishing methods, groups of Japanese men board old wooden boats and cast their nets into the Seto Inland Sea, scooping up many a fish. Come check out a festival where everyone walks away a winner with their own fish...

Origami: Discover a love of paper folding

Do you ever find yourself with extra time on your hands between classes at work? Looking for new activities to test drive in your E.S.S. Club or advanced English class? Origami could be just the ticket. Mie-ken JET Joanna Tocher provides a little inspiration to get us started.