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Hot Yoga

There are many different styles of hot yoga, although it is mainly associated with the Bikram style. Though there are many benefits – both physical and mental, the benefit that’s touted most often is that because you sweat so much it helps flush toxins from the skin.

Life After the B.O.E. 6/13/10

Now who's the gaijin?

Cut Costs, Not The JET Programme

This is an article written by Matt Nelson in response to Steven Horowitz's article "JET Programme on the chopping block?" Here, Matt gives ten suggestions on cutting costs and increasing efficiency in the Japanese school system

AJET Bulletin, January 2007

Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu, fellow JETs! We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season full of bonenkai, travels, friends, family, and keeping warm as the temperatures have dropped. We want to thank everyone who came on the trip to Fukuoka and those who attended the first ever Hiroshima AJET Bonenkai. Both events were a huge success, and we hope that you had as much fun as we did.

Yen & You: The 3 benefits of a post office savings...

Last weekend I came out of my hibernation igloo in Fukui and ventured south to visit a friend and go to a concert in Nagoya. While I was preparing to leave, I was trying to figure out how much money I would need to bring since I didn't have a credit card. It's always difficult to accurately guess how much money you'll need for a trip. I tried to figure in food, travel, and entertainment and then add a buffer, but I still felt uneasy about the amount I was bringing. What if I fell in love with a new computer, iPod, or camera, but it was over the amount I brought? After a while, I realized that I could stop worrying because I had a savings account with the Japan Post Office. This account allows me access to my money across Japan, as long as I can locate a post office location with a working ATM.

Tamago-Yaki Recipe

Impress your friends by making this fun Japanese egg dish.

Sanbien Orphanage: Interview with Chris Rudski

One visit a month to the orphanage does wonders. The anticipation that builds up from one visit to the next is dumbfounding. I'll have kids not pay attention in class just to ask me when we are coming back and what we're going to be doing. That right there is how I know we are making at least a bit of a difference. There's expectations there, excitement. There's a lot that we can't do for these kids, but by giving a little time and a little effort we give them at least one bright spot every few weeks.

A crash course in Godzilla’s 55-year filmography

Every country has their pop culture icons. While most fade into obscurity outside their homeland, there are those hailing from media strongholds that represent their nation to the rest of the world, for better or worse. Australia had Crocodile Dundee and the late Steve Irwin, Britain has Dr. Who and James Bond, and the United States has a massive legion of comic book super heroes. Japan is no stranger to this either, as in the past 25 years the world has seen a flood of animated and video game characters saturating the pop culture of our own respective countries. Yet before the coming of Pikachu and Sailor Moon, Japan had one star already well established.

Top Ten Tips from the JET Returner’s Conference

Top ten tips picked up by a JET who attended the 2011 Conference for Returning JETs.

Weights Review

Our resident fitness expert, Lauren Frederick, is back this week with a rundown of how to create your very own home gym. Take a look inside for some handy advice and a review of the best weights to stock your personal workout haven.