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Hiroshima, Japan
Saturday, Mar. 23, 2019

How to access Japan-only iPhone apps

Find out how to access Japan-only iPhone applications as well the Japanese iTunes Store.

Bon appetit? What it’s like to eat Flipper

Last weekend I ate dolphin. Wait! Where are you going? Let me explain. I did not set out to eat dolphin. I went to an international exchange barbecue hosted by my friend in Osaka. The participants came from Japan, America and Australia. We all brought food and drinks for one another, and learned how to play cricket. We fired up the grill and started throwing on what we brought, and one of the Australians said, “I have a bit of dolphin in the cooler if you want to try.”

The Japanese Way: No insulation, no central heating

Today's column debuts a recurring feature called The Japanese Way. In this monthly column, Courtney Coppernoll will attempt to shed light on how and why certain aspects of Japanese culture differ from our own. Today's topic: the lack of insulation and central heating in Japan.

Winter Photo Contest 2010 — With Prizes!

We're putting on a photo contest and giving away cool prizes! All you have to do is send an email.

The Many Faces of Post-JET Employment

In this insightful article, Leslie Wier gives wise and real advice for post-JET success based on career goals and personality type.

Traditional American Clothing, or The Lack Thereof

In book 3 of the JET Language Course there is a dialogue on the International Festival (国際フェア). Kim Sonho - a favorite language workbook character and close friend to Nancy Nagai - provides some photos from last year’s festival. He describes how all the JETs in the area gather for the International Festival. They introduce their country, cook traditional food, put on folk costumes, and take pictures with the area residents. At this point, I begin thinking “いいな!”

Singing, dancing & Japanese ladies in drag: It’s Takarazuka theatre

As a foreigner with little knowledge of Japan, but a love of all things theatre, I was sure to come across Takarazuka revue eventually. Takarazuka is definitely a part of Japan that I am glad to have experienced.

Anime for Anime Haters: Try it — you just might like...

Hate anime with the fire of 10,000 burning suns? Well so do we, yet we still managed to find a few that were good. Give it a second chance by checking out a few of these recommendations.

Undoukai – The Japanese Field Day

I am by no means fluent in Japanese, but I’m pretty sure undoukai translates to “silly acrobatics at a serious event.” Well, it’s either that or “athletic meet” (according to jisho.org). I prefer my definition, though, because it embodies the ever-so-present dichotomy between humor and serious ritual in Japan.

Health Corner: Living Through “Mindfulness”

Life as a teacher in a foreign country is a rewarding and enjoyable one. Yet, it does not go without times of frustration and stress. Diet, exercise, work, rest, and play are obvious things that impact our daily state of well-being. However, in this article I would like to concentrate more on a certain philosophy and way of thinking that I have found useful in leading a happier/healthier life, one being the practise of mindfulness.