Nihon Poi!: Thanks, Kids.

*Note from the webtoon illustrator* Nihon-poi is a term in Japanese that basically translates to Japanese-ish, or something characteristically Japanese. Japonesque if you would. Every day that I spend living and working in Japan, I learn something new about it – culturally, socially, fundamentally… and especially working with kids, there are hilarious, adorable, eye-brow raising,Read More

Introducing ArtLink

Are you an ALT interested in lessons that go beyond English and engage your students in something a bit deeper? Are you, your JTE colleagues, school administrators, and students interested in actually participating in an international exchange? Today I would like to introduce you to an amazing opportunity for your students.

Tottori: All or Nashing

There is no better to way to bond and become closer with fellow JETs than taking part in activities together. The AJET paragliding trip to Tottori, earlier this year was one such experience. Take a look at JET alum, Omrum Bozdogan’s take on the trip here in her article “Tottori: All or Nashing.”