12.4 C
Hiroshima, Japan
Friday, Mar. 22, 2019

F1: The Japanese Grand Prix

By Nikolai Mastrovich

A Japanese three with an Italian arrow, San-frecce!

Sanfrecce, the 2012 J-League 1 Champions, are Hiroshima’s biggest association football (soccer) team.

Life Goes On…

Estelle’s involvement in Tohoku began in July 2011 during a five-day post-tsunami volunteer trip. She ended up driving along the coast of Miyagi Prefecture one afternoon after meeting Chizu, survivor and full-time supporter of all volunteers across the prefecture. The long and winding road led her to the fishery village of Funakoshi, where she was amazed to see the fishermen continuing their business despite the entire village being in ruins. She is currently working on a documentary film while running a fund raising campaign in support of the locals.