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Hiroshima, Japan
Friday, Mar. 22, 2019

Life Goes On…

Estelle’s involvement in Tohoku began in July 2011 during a five-day post-tsunami volunteer trip. She ended up driving along the coast of Miyagi Prefecture one afternoon after meeting Chizu, survivor and full-time supporter of all volunteers across the prefecture. The long and winding road led her to the fishery village of Funakoshi, where she was amazed to see the fishermen continuing their business despite the entire village being in ruins. She is currently working on a documentary film while running a fund raising campaign in support of the locals.

Third Annual Hiroshima AJET Fundraiser: Sanbien Children’s Home (子供の家三美園)

On Friday, June 27th, Hiroshima’s JET Program ALTs will host their Third Annual Hiroshima AJET Fundraiser, in Hiroshima city at Southern Cross from 7:00- 9:00 pm. This year all proceeds and donations will be given directly to the Sanbien Children’s Home (子供の家三美園). In addition, a portion of the proceeds will be allocated to Sarah Hiscock, which will be used to fund ALT visits to Sanbien Children’s Home.

Poll Me: I know what I want to do after JET

In the October Poll Me, we take a look at the once in the lifetime experience of the JET programme and asks the important question, what happens next? Go ahead and answer Auriza Ugalino's poll on, Do you know what you want to do after JET?"

F1: The Japanese Grand Prix

By Nikolai Mastrovich

Where are they now? JET ALUM- Sean Hofman

JET Alum- Sean Hofman shares memories of his time on JET and advice for life after JET in this edition of "Where are they now?"

There’s a New Tax in Town

As the cherry blossoms began to bloom and the warmer, milder breezes of spring began to flow across the land of the Rising Sun, a new sun also began its ascent- the rise of consumption tax from 5% to 8%. But in what way does this tax increase affect us as JETs?

Poll Me: How would you survive the summer heat?

Summer in Japan is synonymous with heat, but can you imagine dealing with that heat without an air conditioner? Join us in our first poll of the new weekly series "Poll Me" by Riza Ugalino.

New positions available!

We are currently filling three different positions for the next year!

Sakura Showdown Contest 2016, 2ND PLACE

We continue our "Sakura Showdown" contest with the second place photo from Dana Warren. You can view and learn more about this amazing photo here.

60 Days of Summer- Feature Photo

Photo by Akilah Bel Castle in the Rain 2016/06 Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture Fukuyama Castle is a fixture of the city, which is constantly featured in art, photographs...