27.6 C
Hiroshima, Japan
Tuesday, Jul. 17, 2018

Sakura Showdown Contest 2016, 1ST PLACE

Now, to bring our Sakura Showdown Contest 2016 to close, here is the winning photo by Michael Lohr. Take a look and the beautiful and stunning photo taken in Ohori Park.

Sakura Showdown Contest 2016, 2ND PLACE

We continue our "Sakura Showdown" contest with the second place photo from Dana Warren. You can view and learn more about this amazing photo here.

Guidelines to Obtaining a Japanese Driver’s Licence

So, you want to drive a car in Japan, and you need to get a Japanese driver's license? Don't dismay? Here are some guidelines and tips to help you get on your way!

Sakura Showdown Contest 2016, 3RD PLACE

You snapped away, and now the photos are here on display. Here is our third place winner of the 2016 Sakura Showdown Contest. Go ahead and take a look and the beautiful shot. You won't be disappointed.

Sand, Seafood, and Sightseeing – A Trip to Tottori

While Tottori is not the first thing that comes to peoples’ minds when they think of tourism in Japan, Kathy Rice shares her travels around the Tottori Sand Dunes, a destination gradually gaining popularity around Japan.

A Pottery Class in Japan

Interested in Japanese Pottery, but don't know where to get started? Take a look at Eric Wade's article "A Pottery Class in Japan". It will give you great insight into the world of clay and pottery in the land of the rising sun.

Fighting the Cold

With the temperature dropping by the week, Akilah's tips for keeping warm are a god-send. Be sure to read this latest article for generous advice on how to stay warm this fall and winter season.

How to Become a School Yard Idol

Vaughn summarises the often hilarious way in which our students see us - make the most of it and become an idol!

How Many Balls?

Liz takes a look at the chants used in the elementary school textbook, their pros and their cons.

Anime-zing Rave

by Tom Legge March 29th 2014 was the date for the hippest party in Hiroshima this year.  It was to be the 10th outing of...