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Adette Price: Undercover Witch, Chapter 23

Chapter 23, "Making Progress" is here, which means another adventure is underway for Adette Price and her familiar Karl. Joined, by the whisperling, their journey in the Undercover world of witches and wizards continues. There's a new adventure waiting for you.

Adette Price: Undercover Witch, Chapter 22

It's time to get some answers in Chapter 22 of Whitney Emeigh's fiction series "Adette Price: Undercover Witch". Join Adette and Karl on their exciting journey through the witching world.

Adette Price: Undercover Witch, Chapter 21

The life of an Undercover Witch continues to have its twists and turns. As Adette and Karl go through their daily lives, mystery continues to lurk in the shadows. Continue the adventure in Chapter 21 "What next?"

Lucid: A Book by L.E. Fred

Many of our local Hiroshima JETs are multi-talented and newcomer Lauren Frederick is one of them. Read all about her debut novel, an epic sci-fi/fantasy for young adults, here. You might just find yourself swept off to another world.

Sod’s Law and Silver Linings: A Book by Gavin Bingë

Gavin Bingë is a South African JET from Johannesburg. His path to the JET programme has been a rocky one; so much so that he's put pen to paper to write about his remarkable journey. Read here to see what his book is all about. Front cover designed and illustrated by Marissa Trierweiler.

Book Review: Importing Diversity: Inside Japan’s JET Program

What happens when you throw thousands of fresh-faced foreign graduates into a system and a country known for bureaucracy, insularity, and inflexibility? You get something that eventually became The JET Programme as we know it today.

Recommended Read: Barefoot Gen: A Cartoon Story of Hiroshima

For those living in Hiroshima prefecture, it is hard not to know the deep and profound affect August 6, 1945, had on the Japanese ethos. If you are like many who live here, you have probably been to the Peace Memorial Museum in downtown Hiroshima and seen the graphic images and personal accounts of the victims. These exhibits show a gruesome snapshot of the bomb’s destruction that is impossible to forget. Beyond these tragic exhibits, though, one place I turned for an even deeper look at the bomb’s effects was, believe it or not, a manga.

Language Learning Tool Reviews: Making Out in Japanese phrasebook

While this phrasebook’s 14 chapters and introduction offer a whole array of useful phrases organized thematically from “Chapter 1: What’s Up?” to “Chapter 8: Curses and Insults,” to “Chapter 13: Lovers’ Language,” it is often necessary to thumb through several pages of phrases you don’t need in order to find the one you are looking for. There is no index, and the chapter headings are fairly vague, such that, to find a fairly common phrase like すけべ (vulgar, lewd) you might have to search through the chapter on insults, and possibly “Chapter 4: Say What?” before finding it in the chapter on street fighting. (Yes, there is a chapter dedicated to street fighting.) With all of the above criticism in mind, however, I would strongly urge that the next phrasebook you purchase be from the Making Out In… series.

Hiroshima-ken ALT publishes fantasy-adventure ebook

The Wide Island View would like to give warm congratulations to Jason Letts, a second-year ALT based in Shobara, on his new ebook, Powerless, available at www.powerlessbooks.com. The book is the first part in a fantasy-adventure series that Jason penned in his free time when he wasn’t busy clowning around with his elementary school English students. What amazing, wondrous things we can accomplish without the evil lure of the Internet, ね?... The story is centered around a character named Mira, a superhero not quite like any of the superheros we’re all familiar with.

Language Learning Tool Reviews: Remembering the Kanji book

Learning kanji is one of the most challenging aspects of gaining fluency in Japanese because a certain amount of kanji learning must be achieved through rote memorization. It is only through extended, focused contact with the kanji that they will become an intelligible, useful, and interesting part of your life in Japan. Indeed, once kanji are mastered to a certain extent, they can enlighten your study of other aspects of Japanese, especially vocabulary. It is with such an understanding of the central importance of kanji to Japanese language learning that James Heisig set out to craft a succinct method for memorizing the meaning and writing of all of the kanji. Volume 1 deals exclusively with those kanji known as joyo, or general-use kanji. Heisig’s method is more than impressive, it’s elegant. And it works.