Introducing ArtLink

Are you an ALT interested in lessons that go beyond English and engage your students in something a bit deeper? Are you, your JTE colleagues, school administrators, and students interested in actually participating in an international exchange? Today I would like to introduce you to an amazing opportunity for your students.

Where are they now? JET Alum- Marissa Trierweiler

As many of our JETs prepare for their final weeks on the JET programme, the question of what to do next often pops up. To provide inspiration on what to do next, we are pleased to once again bring you the “Where are they now?” series. To get us started, we have an interview with JET alum- Marissa Trierweiler about her exciting and intriguing activities, post-JET.

Adette Price: Undercover Witch, Chapter 25

“When it’s raining it pours.” It seems Adette is about to find out just how true that saying is in Adette Price: Undercover Witch, Chapter 25 “Just When you think it’s Over” by Whitney Emeigh. Join the characters you love on their continuing journey through their magical lives.