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Hiroshima, Japan
Monday, Dec. 17, 2018

Summer Photo Contest 2018 – Third Place

Congratulations to Emma Ancel, one of our own Hiroshima prefecture JETs, for her prize-winning photo.

Sakura Showdown Contest 2018- 1st place

Sakura at Uranosaki Station Photo by James Graham Here is our 1st place winner in the 2018 Sakura Showdown contest Congratulations to James Graham, a JET in...

Sakura Showdown Contest 2018- 2nd place

Congratulations to Kyle Tobin, a JET in Hiroshima Prefecture for his prize-winning photo.
Sakura at Misaka Lake

Sakura Showdown Contest 2018-3RD PLACE

Congratulations to Lorraine Hayman, a JET in Yamaguchi prefecture for her prize-winning photo.

The Ninja Files: Chronicles of a Ninja Assassin

Introducing the Ninja Files. Memories of last year's epic ninja assassin game, that swept the prefecture, will be featured here over the next few weeks as we get ready to start round 2. Don't miss out on the thrill and adventure of the Ninja Assassin Files.

Sakura Showdown Contest 2016, 1ST PLACE

Now, to bring our Sakura Showdown Contest 2016 to close, here is the winning photo by Michael Lohr. Take a look and the beautiful and stunning photo taken in Ohori Park.

Sakura Showdown Contest 2016, 2ND PLACE

We continue our "Sakura Showdown" contest with the second place photo from Dana Warren. You can view and learn more about this amazing photo here.

Sakura Showdown Contest 2016, 3RD PLACE

You snapped away, and now the photos are here on display. Here is our third place winner of the 2016 Sakura Showdown Contest. Go ahead and take a look and the beautiful shot. You won't be disappointed.


For our Midweek Muse, we are pleased to announce the final and first place winner of the 2015 Sakura Showdown. Congratulations Connie Bittinger on your lovely photo! It was a close call between all the entries this year, but the astonishing beauty of this photo puts it on top. Thank you to everyone who entered!


This week we reveal the 2nd place winner of the 2015 Sakura Showdown. Congratulations Timothy Cha! Check out his winning photo now.