From Novice to Professional-A JET Alum’s Journey

This year the JET programme celebrates its 30th anniversary.  As such a long standing institution, there have been many talented and promising individuals who have passed through the programme.  These former ALUM have some great insights and ideas that may be quite helpful to both current and former JETs- Mr. Aaron C. Sponseller is oneRead More

Where are they now? JET ALUM- Emily Treasure

As we continue to look at what our JET alum is up to. Today we feature Emily Treasure. Take a look as Emily shares here memories of the JET programme and how she was able to prepare for her next steps, while still on the programme.

Where are they now? JET Alum- Marissa Trierweiler

As many of our JETs prepare for their final weeks on the JET programme, the question of what to do next often pops up. To provide inspiration on what to do next, we are pleased to once again bring you the “Where are they now?” series. To get us started, we have an interview with JET alum- Marissa Trierweiler about her exciting and intriguing activities, post-JET.

Where Are They Now? JET Alum Greg Beck

Hiroshima-ken JET alum Greg Beck answers some questions about what he’s been up to post-JET and how the JET experience has helped him.

I started working as a news producer with Tokyo Broadcasting System (RCC, in Hiroshima) less than one month after my last day on JET, so the first year here has already flown by!