Nihon Poi!: Thanks, Kids.

*Note from the webtoon illustrator* Nihon-poi is a term in Japanese that basically translates to Japanese-ish, or something characteristically Japanese. Japonesque if you would. Every day that I spend living and working in Japan, I learn something new about it – culturally, socially, fundamentally… and especially working with kids, there are hilarious, adorable, eye-brow raising, confusing, and shocking moments aplenty. […]

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The Adventures of Ryo Takeshita Bet: The End of Year Party

For the previous 2 instalments of Ryo’s adventures, please click on the links: 1. The Adventures of Ryo Takeshita: London, England 2. The Adventures of Ryo Takeshita: How I Met Your Mother Written by Tom Legge, Illustrated by Marissa Trierweiler, Edited by Liz Millership It was Christmas time at Upper High Barnet Secondary School and everyone, except me, was getting into the festive […]

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