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Saturday, Mar. 23, 2019

Nihon-Poi!: “Cute Shoku”

We at the Wide Island View are pleased to introduce a new addition to our website, with the Nihon-poi webtoon series by Kure JET Desirae Witte.

The Adventures of Ryo Takeshita Bet: The End of Year Party

For the previous 2 instalments of Ryo's adventures, please click on the links: 1. The Adventures of Ryo Takeshita: London, England 2. The Adventures of Ryo Takeshita: How...

The Adventures of Ryo Takeshita BET: How I Met Your Mother

Part II of this parody series walks us through Ryo's first week as a BET for Upper High Barnet Secondary School. How will Ryo cope with his first self-introduction to be made in front of the entire school? Will he have success when teaching his first rounds of classes to a group of raucous students? Only one way to find out...

Scratch That : “It’s Not A Mess, It’s Art”

Can't visit Naoshima? Your dose of art from Ava Grauls.

Scratch That : “Enkai Magic”

Comics and Sketches by Ava Grauls.

LIfe After the B.O.E. 6/15/11

Having only 26 characters to deal with does make things a tad easier...

Life After the B.O.E. 6/01/2011

The truth about remote island placements.

Life After the B.O.E. 4/20/2011

To all the volunteers helping those impacted by the earthquake and tsunami: THANK YOU!!

Life After the B.O.E. 4/6/2011

It's really a shame the cherry trees don't bloom longer...

Life After the B.O.E. 3/16/2011

A good ALT is always prepared!