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Hiroshima, Japan
Monday, Dec. 17, 2018

The Sapporo International Snow Sculpture Competition: The ALTs who became “Team...

by Sofara Aiono It’s not every day that one is asked to represent their country in an event in which they have absolutely no experience,...

From Heaven to Hell in Under 5 Hours

By Mark Morgan

Day in the Life: Mihara Flight Crash

By Courtney D.

F1: The Japanese Grand Prix

By Nikolai Mastrovich

Lighting My Way: Lantern Festival in Beautiful Onomichi

By Fiona Dwinger There are memorable experiences to be made, positive impressions to be gained, bizarre occurrences to be remembered in my new home - quaint, beautiful, bohemian, heart-warming Onomichi. One in particular however, stood out even amongst the outstanding, and that was the Onomichi Lantern Festival.

Sumo 101

Shinto connections? Throwing salt? Power water?!? There is so much to learn about sumo, but maybe this is enough to get novices interested. And hopefully inspire some fanatics.

Saijo Sake Fest: The Best AND The Rest

This is a journey that I like to call, “journey to the sake festival.” It sounds generic and kind of like something you would name a photo album on Facebook, I know, but it really does sum up this story pretty well.

And a Happy Raft It Was

"If you’re looking for a quick way to make lasting friends, I recommend taking a 4 1/2 hour ride down 10 km of rapids. Here is why..."

Squatter-Loos, Sun and Soulwax: This is Summer Sonic

I was looking forward to what Summer Sonic had to offer, but I wondered if the heat of the Japanese summer sun would leave me craving a typhoon to cool me down.

AJET – Events & Info

Down here on the Wide Island, we aim to bring together JETs from far and wide. Hiroshima AJET organizes activities and gatherings for the surrounding communities.