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The Wide Island View Team

The Wide Island View is a webzine written for and by members of the JET Programme in Hiroshima, Japan. Created in November 2006, the Wide Island View began as a PDF newsletter emailed to members every two months. In June 2009, the publication moved online.

In addition to news and information about events for Hiroshima JETs, the Wide Island View publishes content of interest to JETs throughout Japan including articles about travel, Japanese culture, Japanese study, recipes and more. All JETs and JET alumni are encouraged to contribute, as well as other members of the English speaking community throughout Japan.

The website is currently managed by our website coordinator, Kristen Lewis. She can be contacted at wideislandview@gmail.com.


Kelsey is a fifth year jet enjoying life in the city of roses, Fukuyama.

When she isn't teaching with all of her genki powers, she eats yummy foods, travels about with friends and/or Hiroshima AJET, and takes all of the photos. She also enjoys coffee and silly memes.

Social Media & Website

Kristen Lewis is a second year ALT living with her husband in Higashihiroshima. She is originally from Florida and studied linguistics in university, with a focus on sociolinguistics.

She enjoys busying herself with learning the ins-and-outs of website development, spending copious amounts of time playing video games, and sampling all the sake and wine.
All of it.

Editor & Writer

Eric Wade is a fifth year JET. He is originally from Santa Clarita, California, where he attended Loyola Marymount University and completed a double-majored in Latin and English Literature.

He likes pottery, airplanes/aviation, sports, and nature.
He’s also a self-proclaimed civil war buff, a grammar pacifist and amateur philologist.


Gina Sz is a third year Fukuyama ALT.

When she's not laminating class materials, she can be found wandering around Tamriel, skulking about the rooftops of Dunwall, or looking for tin cans in the Commonwealth wasteland.

Editor & Writer

Adam Phelan is a second year ALT in Fukuyama City.

A strikingly handsome and definitely modest Irish man, Adam joined the JET Program in 2017 after finishing his masters in Post-Primary Education. Formerly a piano teacher, Adam loves playing music for his students in school and in his free time. He also enjoys strawberry milkshakes and graphs.


Emma is a first year ALT based in Shobara City.

Born and raised in California, she studied psychology and sociology and minored in writing. She enjoys exploring, and photography is her way to record those moments! She also likes snacks, DIY, jogging, and space comedies.


Jessica is a first year ALT living in Onomichi.

She graduated from CSU Stanislaus with a double major in History and English and a concentration in TESOL. She has a love for Japanese History and a determination to visit every castle in Japan. She is also interested in reading (especially fantasy), cooking/baking, and various crafts including kumihimo.


Jessica Corrado is a third year ALT originally from New York, where she studied English Literature with minors in Creative Writing and Asian Studies.

She enjoys spending time in nature, books, and likes to cook all things delicious!


Marc is a first year ALT from the east coast of Canada currently living in Kure City.

He graduated from Acadia University with a degree in biology and worked in a chemistry lab for 5 years working on anti-bacterial and anti-cancer drugs. He likes video games, photography, biking and cooking.


Louise is a first year ALT based in Hiroshima City.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, transplanted to Reno, Nevada. Graduated from UNR with degrees in English Writing and Anthropology. She studied abroad in Okinawa for a year and is itching to get back there soon. She is totally obsessed with Yoshitomo Nara, watercolors, and stationery. She's interested in the LGBT scene in Japan, all manner of matsuri, and meeting cool people.

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If you want to become a contributor, either on a one-off basis or monthly, please contact us on the email address above.
The Wide Island View is run entirely by volunteers, and though it is free online to readers, there is a cost to run the website.
Web hosting fees are paid through advertising revenue and donations. If you enjoy reading the Wide Island View, we urge you to show the love through a small donation–every yen helps.
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