Recipe Time: Nikujaga

How to make the delicious Japanese dish, nikujaga!

肉じゃが (nikujaga)- A Meat and Potato Dish

By Stephen Crawford



Base stock

  • Water ( Just enough to cover all ingredients)
  • Soy Sauce ( A few table spoons and adjust to taste)
  • Mirin ( A few table spoons and adjust to taste)
  • Hondashi ( I used one small cylindrical packet)
  • Granulated sugar

(A little brown or white, add to taste.)



Vegetables: The basic three in about equal portions

  • Potatoes (40%)
  • Onions (30%)
  • Carrots (30%)


(These are the basic three vegetables. Of course, additional vegetables can be added.  In this recipe, I added mushrooms.)


  • Beef or Pork

(I used one of the pork packages in the picture)




  • Pot
  • Cutting board
  • Knife
  • Mixing spoon

How to Make  肉じゃが (nikujaga)

This is a simple dish that is great for any day, but especially on a cold day to warm up your spirits. In Japanese, they refer to is as mother’s cooking/taste or おふくろの味 (ofukuroaji). Here is a few simple steps to get you on your way to cooking like a “Japanese mom”.

Step 1

Fill your pot with water and bring the temperature to almost a simmer.

  • Add your hondashi
  • Then add your soy sauce, mirin, and sugar to taste.



Step 2

  • Cut your vegetables in somewhat bigger pieces.
  • First add your harder vegetables/ roots to your stock. (This is because they take longer to cook.)
  • Then add your softer vegetables to your stock



Step 3

  • Bring your stock to a simmer and cook until your hard vegetables are almost done.





Step 4

  • Finally add your meat and spread it evenly as you mix it into the mixture. Finish cooking your meat and skim off any unwanted fats.



Step 5

Plate and eat !!

Extra tip! I sometimes like mine with Daikon-oroshi and ponzu



There you have the delightful dish 肉じゃが(nikujaga.) I hope you enjoy this simple meal