Dawn- Monthly Muse



The start of each day is a welcoming and life defining process.  It marks the beginning and renewal of each day, which can be awe-inspiring and life changing for some.  The simplicity of its beauty is something worth remembering.  In this month’s Monthly Muse, we explore Dawn written by Akilah Bel, accompanied by art by Kelly Pieterse.  Kelly chose to create a yellow bird in water colour, to represent the brilliant and golden hues associated with the rising sun, as the early bird catches the worm.  As a result, it further highlights the allure of dawn.

  • The Monthly Muse section showcases art and poetry by JETs that represent the best that Hiroshima has to offer, or occasionally other prefectures.  If you would like to submit poetry or art, please send an email to wideislandview@gmail.com to showcase your poetic or artistic talents.