Poll Me: ALT Mascot

Kelly Pieterse of Kure is making an ALT-themed sticker set for LINE, with each ALT year getting their own mascot. So far, it has been established that:
  • 2nd years are Phoenixes because they rise from the ashes of their 1st year n00b-ness.
  • 4th years are Dragons because they are wise, powerful, and have hoards of anything from class materials to anime figurines gathered in their apartments over the years.
  • 5th years are Unicorns because they’re really hard to find, even in the magical world, and their blood runs silver with valuable ALT wisdom that can heal all. If you listen to “The Last Unicorn” sung by America, this will all make sense.
We are trying to figure out the 1st and 3rd year creatures by putting it to a vote, and a public forum for suggestions. Comments with explanations that build a strong case are even better.
The following have been suggested by our peers in Kure. If none of the following options are desired, readers can comment with suggestions. Keep in mind suggestions don’t have to be mythical creatures.
Once again, if you can vote and make a strong case for your decision, even better.


  1. Rabbits for 1st years, because they are cute and easily die of shock… i.e. culture shock.

    Hydras for 3rd years because we (I’m a third year too, incidentally) have many heads, all with different opinions about our life in Japan. One day Japan is amazing and the best place ever, and we’re gonna stay the whole 5 years, the next we’re so done and can’t wait to go home and bury our faces in a pile of cheese.

    • I like the many heads thing. Also, by now we’re so resilient, you cut off one of our heads and another grows back!

  2. Sorry, as a fifth year, it doesn’t really affect me, but is it maybe possible to change the 3rd year options please? 😛

    For the 3rd year choices, the only real choice is the gryphon, as all the others are vicious or malevolent in their ancient myths. I’m not sure if it gives future 3rd years such a good feeling to be known as a beast that mangles, mutilates or masticates people. 😛

    Sorry to nitpick, but gotta put my Classics degree to work somehow, lol.

    • Yeah Gavin! I actually put all the choices on here together, and have a fairly limited knowledge of mythical beasts. I was totally stumped for third years even though I am one (though I did favor hydras and gryphons, I couldn’t really make a strong case for them). I’d really like to hear more options!

  3. Rabbits for first years, as there’s loads to start with and they don’t all make it through the winter.

    Sphinx for third years, as you always think they’re older and been around longer than they actually have.

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