Last Night I had a Dream- Monthly Muse


Dreams are often forgotten, and if remembered, they are vague and hazy.  Yet, these dreams can often leave lingering feelings and thoughts.  Some are joyful, some sad, others exciting, intriguing or fanciful.  In this edition of Monthly Muse, Last Night I had a Dream by Akilah Bel, explores the lingering effects of a dream.  Using the pastel colours of red, blue, orange and white, Kelly Pieterse depicts a koi (goldfish) swimming through the sky and its fluffy, white clouds.  She chose the imagery to highlight the dreamlike quality of the poem and the feelings of wistful longing that it evoked.


  • The Monthly Muse section showcases art and poetry by JETs that represent the best that Hiroshima has to offer, or occasionally other prefectures.  If you would like to submit poetry or art, please send an email to to showcase your poetic or artistic talents.