From Novice to Professional-A JET Alum’s Journey

Mr. Aaron Sponseller

This year the JET programme celebrates its 30th anniversary.  As such a long standing institution, there have been many talented and promising individuals who have passed through the programme.  These former ALUM have some great insights and ideas that may be quite helpful to both current and former JETs- Mr. Aaron C. Sponseller is one such individual.


In early August 2016, Mr. Sponseller, gave the keynote address at the Hiroshima JET Orientation.  Afterwards, in discussion with Wide Island View’s editor Akilah Forde, the idea came up that many JETs, in and outside of the prefecture, may be interested in hearing about his transition from a JET ALT to a full-time lecturer at Hiroshima University. As such, we are pleased to introduce Mr.Sponseller’s piece, From Novice to Professional- A JET Alum’s Journey.