Where are they now? JET Alum- Marissa Trierweiler


Marissa PhotoHiroshima JET alum Marissa Trierweiler answers some questions about what she’s been up to post-JET and how the JET experience has helped her. If you’re a JET alum and would like to answer this questionnaire, please email the editors at wideislandview@gmail.com!

Name: Marissa Trierweiler

Age: 27

Location on JET: Kaita-cho, Hiroshima-ken

Years on JET: 2

Currently living in: New York City

Current occupation: Administrative Assistant for the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations (a doozy)

Highlight/ funniest part of your JET experience:

Everyone who knows me knows my highlight was running the Tokyo Marathon. I still stand by that.

The Funniest part?

The Naked Man festivals are a good time.

How the JET programme benefited you career wise:

I am far more comfortable with public-speaking. If it wasn’t the 4-6 classes-a-day I had to teach, it was definitely the random speeches I had to make in front of the entire school (haha). 

What transferable skills did JET give you:

JET gave me Patience, cultural awareness, diligence, and the bizarre obsession for a lazy runny-egg character.

Advice to current JETs for getting the most out of their experience on JET for future career:

Don’t limit yourself to just your area with the people you are most familiar with; you have a network of people from all over the world, and in a foreign setting for that matter… make the most of it, because the connections you will develop with both the Japanese and other expats are invaluable.

Tips for Job hunting after JET:

Just keep applying. You will get disheartened, but during those times allow yourself to relax and reflect on your time abroad. Also, shout out to Ryan Hata for frequently posting on the “AJET Job Listings” group on Facebook. It’s by far the best way to get connected to jobs that can transfer from your JET experience, both in Japan and outside of Japan.