Adette Price: Undercover Witch, Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Ok, that’s Enough. I’m Hungry.

Written by Whitney Emeigh

 Adette- Karl

A silent explosion of light burst from the palm of Adette’s hand. Every crack, stain, and thing in the room became visible. The boy cowered away from the bright light. In its confused, startled state, the body toppled to the floor. A wheezing moan escaped between lips and hands.

“Look, I’m hungry. My dress got ruined. I’ve been pressed into service as a match maker. I’ve had to talk to slimy semi-intellectual types. I’m tired and I want to go home and eat my supper. Heavens know Karl has probably already eaten everything in the house. So, either you can tell me something and then die, or we can skip the talking and I can eradicate you and just be done with all of this.”

Legs and arms scrabbled uselessly against the worn floorboards. Samantha’s limp form was slumped in the corner of the room. A pathetic growl burst through the boys lips. The creature made to lunge, but its threat from earlier had been nothing more than a bluff. Adette was finished. She took hold of the boy’s upper arm and pulled him to his feet.

The creature struggled, hissing and spitting, until it realized that she wasn’t going to let go. From within her basket, she produced the vial. With her teeth, she pulled the stopper and spat it in the direction of the basket. The creature clamped the boys mouth shut.

Adette let go of the arm and managed, just in time, to grab hold of the boy’s nose. A silent struggled began. The creature tugged the body away from her, but it was still to clumsy to shake her.

“He’s going to have to breathe some time. Give it up. You’re finished, and I’m far too annoyed to give in at this point.” Adette pinched the boy’s nose shut and stared into the possessed face. The eyes bulged and looked out desperately. Cheeks puffed. Adette could see the tension building.

The second his lips popped open, she shoved the bottle into his mouth. She’d worry about scrapes later. Awkward arms scrabbled and scratched at her hand, but already the fight was going out of it. The liquid disappeared from the bottle.

The boy slumped back against the side of the bed. One thin tendril of thick smoke oozed its way out of his throat. Air whooshed into the boy’s lungs in one final desperate gasp.

“Taaarrrnn.” The sound sussed away with the remains of the creature.

“Oh, no you don’t.” Adette took hold of the retreating tail of smoke. It writhed and wriggled to get free. Adette pinched down, ignoring the slight greasy burn from the smoky creature’s body. With her other hand, she held up the empty bottle and began blowing the creature into the mouth of the bottle. One last magic push sent the whole creature into the cramped glass space. Adette pressed her thumb firmly over the top as she retrieved the stopper from the floor. She smirked at the tiny malevolent eyes glaring at her from inside the bottle and shoved the bottle into the depths of the basket.

Faded rays of dying sunlight slowly cleared away the unnatural darkness Adette sighed and went to the boy first. She was grateful for the slight sleeping effect the potion had. The boy was light and easily moved back into his bed. Samantha was another matter all together. How was she going to explain?

As if hearing her thoughts, the other woman groaned and started to stir. She unfolded and used the wall to right herself. Adette didn’t have to pretend to look concerned.

“Adette?” the older woman asked groggily.

“Are you alright? I came to help your son, but when you didn’t answer right away I got concerned. Someone had left the front door open. I’m sorry to have barged in like this. I was just worried.”

“Momma?” The boy stirred at the sound of Samantha’s voice and tried to rise from the bed.

“William!” Samantha flew to the side of the little bed.

“How did I get in bed?” Samantha didn’t answer his question. She flung her arms around him and squeezed him. William protested, but she didn’t let go.

“Thank you Adette. I don’t know what you did but thank you.”