Adette Price: Undercover Witch, Chapter 18


Chapter 18: Matchmaker, Matchmaker

 Written by: Whitney Emeigh

Adette- Karl

“Oh please. I’m only asking you to talk to him for me,” Lana begged. She closed the distance between them and took hold of Adette’s hands.

Air whooshed out of Adette’s mouth in an annoyed sigh.“What would I possibly say? The last thing I want to do is seem like I’m encouraging him. You should talk to him yourself if you’re so keen.” Adette wrestled two mugs from the cupboard and set them on the counter. Her fingers tapped impatiently on the tea canister she was retrieving from across the counter. Today was turning into a busy day. She hadn’t bothered to put on something nicer when she’d gone out to the garden. Now she wished she had.

“I don’t know. You could invite him to the bakery some time and introduce me.”

“Yes, and he’ll spend the entire time thinking I’m doing it for my own benefit and not yours.”

“He can’t be that smitten. He’s only talked to you the one time.” Lana’s lips were in a full pout now.

Adette took a calming breath and scooped some tea into the bottom of each mug. While the water heated, she turned her attention to the bundle of herbs waiting on the counter. She still had the potion to make.

“No, I suppose it might have been my imagination. He just seemed a bit relentless was all.” Adette chopped the herbs up into long strips before filling and setting another pot onto the stove. The tea kettle began to whistle. Adette leapt across the short distance to silence the shrill sound. She carefully poured the steaming water into each mug. When she turned to settle the mugs onto the table Lana was looking at her intently. Her eyes looked up through her long eyelashes.

“Please Adette. I’d be in your debt forever.” Adette let the mugs settle onto the tabletop with a thunk. A few drops of tea spattered onto the wood.

“Fine, but I’m not doing it today. I have too many other things to do.” Lana nearly upset the table and the tea on her way around the table. Adette found herself squeezed into an overly grateful embrace.

“Thank you. Thank you. I’ll pay you back. I promise. I’ll make fresh bread, whatever you want.” Lana fluttered around the small kitchen. Her face lit up and her hands clasped together in front of her chest. In a rush of exuberant energy and a whoosh of skirts, she rushed out of the front door.

“What about your tea?” Adette asked the empty space where Lana had stood. She sighed and stood, collecting the forgotten mug, and dumped the contents in the sink. Her own mug she lifted to her lips and took a thoughtful sip. Her gaze wandered down to the holes still splattered across her dress. Changing just couldn’t wait any longer.


 A few hours, and one small explosion later, Adette managed to finish her potion. She hoped. The amounts hadn’t been exact, and she’d had to make changes for the fact that the receiver was human, but she thought that it would work. Now she just needed to get it to the boy as quickly as possible. Hopefully she’d be able to do it without the mother there, just in case something magical happened.

With a longing look at Karl’s napping face and a wince at her stomach’s sudden rumbling, Adette made her way back out of the door. In her clean dress, she was going to battle whatever thing was inside that boy. Hopefully she wasn’t going to have to buy more fabric.