Fukuyama Nights: The Best Bar Around


Fukuyama Nights: The Best Bar Around

Written by: Elliott Yoo

Outside of Perle

A relatively new bar, Perle (ぺるる) can be a bit difficult to find if you are not actively looking for it.  It is nestled under a parking lot, essentially at basement level.  Once you enter the bar however, you will understand why I love it so much.  The bar itself makes use of simple elegance in most of its aesthetics. You may feel out of place in an old t-shirt and jeans, so I’d suggest you dress just a little sharper.  Service tends to be great, and still quite good even at peak times.  One of the first things you will notice is that the hot hand towel you are given is scented with pine, mint, or some other pleasant smell.  Every month they change the scent, and it is very refreshing to have one in the cold winter.   Perle’s atmosphere is very relaxing, different from what I have usually encountered in Fukuyama, and I am impressed.

Perle’s specialty is undoubtedly the cocktails, and the bartenders do a stellar job.  My personal favorites are the Manhattan and Vodka martini; other popular drinks with the crowd include the Sidecar, Moscow Mule, Grasshopper, and the Highball.  In fact, Perle has a whole menu dedicated to different highballs you can try.  For people who enjoy sours, the Sidecar is nice, and people with a sweet tooth will love the Grasshopper; I’m pretty sure it’s the only thing Preston Backer drinks at that bar.  Nonalcoholic fruit cocktails and milkshakes are also available if you are looking to avoid hangovers or simply don’t drink alcohol.  Food and snacks are on the menu, but you can be sure everything here gets pricey.  Cocktails usually go for 870 yen – 1080 yen (but their signature highball is only 500 yen) and food portions are small, which hits your wallet hard if you stick around for a few hours.

Perle has become a curse for me; as much as I want to go out and visit different bars, I am perfectly content going back to it and nothing else.  It has become my favorite place to relax after work or talk with friends because the drinks and aesthetics appeal to me.  If you are ever around Fukuyama, give me a heads up and I will eagerly show you one of the best cocktail bars in the city.





Perle Highball bar

Business hours: 5:00 pm – 12:00 am


元町13-14, Fukuyama, Hiroshima 720-0063

Inside Perle