Fukuyama Nights: Bacon Goodness


Written by: Elliott Yoo


Izakaya: Tenkabashi (天下橋)

Address: 〒720-0045 Hiroshima Prefecture, Fukuyama, Takaramachi, 3−25

Contact #: 084-926-3890

I’m going to lay this out bluntly.  Tenkabashi has the best food out of all the izakayas I know of in Fukuyama.  Thick cuts of salty bacon, wonderful combinations of cheese and meat, it’s like a taste bud’s paradise.  Of course, there is more to an izakaya than just food, but Tenkabashi excels in all fields.  It’s a great place to go with friends; the atmosphere is cheerful and the staff is quite friendly. The food is top notch, thus I highly recommend Tenkabashi to anyone looking to eat something tasty, just be sure to bring your kanji game.

Tenkabashi (天下橋) specializes in mostly pork items and skewers.  This makes sharing and being social while eating very easy.  I visited Tenkabashi with several friends and we near unanimously agreed that the bacon wrapped avocado and bacon wrapped boiled egg are the best items on the menu.  The egg is enormous and half boiled and the bacon is not the typical thin flavorless stuff.  The other available items are also delicious.  They don’t skimp on most of the ingredients; even the pork soup was full of meat and quite flavorful.

The beer on tap is Sapporo, which to me is a welcome change from the usual Kirin or Asahi.  You will find the usual assorted variety of cocktails, but personally, I think beer is the way to go with izakaya food.  Tables and counter seats are available on the first floor while the second floor provides additional seating for larger parties (greater than 6 people or so), so the chances of being turned away are pretty small.  Even if you are seated on the second floor, the staff is quick to respond when called for using a button.

The only drawback of eating at Tenkabashi is the fact that the menu lacks any English.  The seasonal menu is handwritten and you will not find much furigana on it.  It may take a few minutes, but the menu is readable with a dictionary app; it’s easy to understand how the food is organized, so you just have to find the usual kanji for words like pork, beef, fried, etc.  In any case, that’s just a minor stepping stone to delicious bacon-wrapped goodness.  Tenkabashi is a great restaurant with delicious food and provides a highly enjoyable experience with friends.