Cold Canned Coffee


Words and photos by Ryan Surdick

As everyone has no doubt noticed by now, Japan offers a wide variety of drinks that may not be available in your native land. From jelly drinks to yogurt drinks to video game themed “potion drinks”, there’s something you’re bound to enjoy! (and something you’re bound not to…). My personal favorite is canned coffee! Some coffee purists might insist that good coffee cannot come from a can, but I beg to differ, my good friend! After a long, hot day of being climbed on by kids and being an English clown, a can of cold coffee really does the trick. Let’s try a few!

Roots Aroma Impact “Real Spirit”

The front of this drink states, “Real technology brings you an aromatic coffee break and a fine life”. It is quite aromatic, though my life feels no more fine than before I drank it. It’s a bit sweet for my tastes, but very drinkable. Slightly high in the calorie count at 33 cal per 100g, this is a coffee I can imagine is best served cold.

Score: 3/5





Pokka brand Aromax Quality Black

“Rich aroma and luxurious taste”

A straight black coffee with no sugar added, which is usually how I prefer my coffee, but I gotta say, this one isn’t doing it for me. This taste isn’t “luxurious” at all – it’s a little too bitter and lacks “rich aroma” to boot! On the upside, being that it isn’t a sweetened coffee, it would probably do much better as a hot drink. As a cold coffee, however, I recommend going back to the shop and working on it for a while, Pokka.

Score: 2/5


Wonda Wonderful Coffee 金の微糖 

Labelled as a “Gold Premium Coffee” of Brazil, I had high hopes for this contender and, out of the three, this is the winner. It has a 75% reduced sweetener claim on the back of the can, so it has a little sweetness but not so much to be overpowering.  I have tried this coffee hot before and remember it being good then, too.  The front of the can states it has a “Radiant-like beauty perfected with premium beans”. While I don’t know if I would go so far as to agree with such a grand claim, it’s a decent coffee that will leave your caffeine craving satiated. Winner!

Score: 4/5