Life After the B.O.E. 6/01/2011




  1. Really, only sometimes? I think island life is the best! Since we’re on neighboring islands, too, I can only assume that your island is equally as awesome as mine. 🙂 The only downside I’ve found is that it takes a little longer to get to the nearest shinkansen/airport when I want to travel. Other than that, I wouldn’t trade my island for anything!

  2. Hey, don’t you have a bridge? My island bascially “closes” after 9:30 and after 7:30 I have to pay 1500 yen for a taxi from the farthest port to my house. It doesn’t help that my wife lives and works in Hiroshima City.

  3. I do have a bridge (a series of four bridges if we’re talking about getting to the “mainland”), but the last bus back from the city leaves at 7:30. Instead of taking a taxi can you park your scooter near the port? That’d save some money on the trip home. ‘Fraid I don’t have a solution to your wife working in Hiroshima City, though. That stinks. :/

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