Video: 2011 Yuki Gassen in Takano


by Greg Kikkawa

Yuki Gassen is a sport that takes place in Japan. The game is like a combination of capture the flag and paintball. The goal is┬áto either capture the other team’s flag, get the other team out by hitting them with snowballs, or by having more members than the other team when time expires.

In February 2011, a few friends and I participated in the tournament in Takano, Hiroshima. We won one game and lost the other, which was enough to qualify for the next round, but we didn’t have accommodations for the night. Oh well!

This video will take you on a little tour of the Takano grounds, the snowball making process, the ceremony, the camaraderie, the sheer competition – it’s all here. Enjoy!


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