Video: Tattooed ALTs


by Luc-yan Picker

Three ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers) share their experience living and working in Japan, a country where tattoos are generally taboo.

Many people will tell you about the social stigma that comes with tattoos in Japan. However, as you will see in this video, things are not nearly as bad as many people seem to suggest.

As a matter of fact, it is often other foreigners who seem to pass the most judgement.


  1. I have quite a few tattoos on various parts of my body and I have experienced quite mixed reactions. I’ve had curious people and others who will change the subject if I even mention the word. I have also been excluded from joining a gym even when offering to cover them up. A while ago I spoke to a tattoo artist and he said that responses are changing and there is not quite a strong reaction to what it use to be. I just try to remember that probably 10-15 years ago in my home country tattoos were normally associated with motorbike gangs so its essentially the same thing. Great clip guys!

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