Where Are They Now? JET Alum Carl Bradley


Behind the scenes: filming of the new web TV show, “English Teachers”

Iwate-ken JET alum Carl Bradley answers some questions about what he’s been up to post-JET and how the JET experience has helped him. If you’re a JET alum and would like to answer this questionnaire, please email the editor at wideislandview (atto) gmail (dotto) com!

Name: Carl Bradley


Age: 30

Location in Japan while on JET: Iwate

Years on JET: 2003-2006

Currently living in: Nagoya

Current activities: Working on a web TV show called “English Teachers.” It’s about foreign English teachers in Japan, so I was able to draw on my
JET experience a bit for it.

Highlight/ funniest part of your JET experience: There were so many, but playing a taiko concert in front of about 1,000 people was a definite highlight.

How the JET Programme has benefited you career-wise: Lots of experience, doing everything from public speaking to organising large scale events, all in a foreign language environment. It’s just the kind of unique experience that generally looks attractive on a CV.

What transferable skills JET gives you: Dealing with people!

What advice you would give to current JETs for getting the most out of the JET experience in order to further their career afterwards: There were a million opportunities available for me to get involved with things outside of my job, from event planning to DJ-ing. You need to look for the opportunities you can get here that wouldn’t come quite so easily to you back home. It obviously helps to know what you want to move into after JET.

Any tips for job hunting after JET? Everyone says it, but networking! Finding a JET alumni group in your area after you get back home is a good start.

Be sure to check out season one of the new web TV show, “English Teachers!”

“English Teachers” is a new web based comedy set in an English conversation school in Nagoya, Japan and stars Jonathan Sherr (who featured in the recent, nationally released film “My Darling is a Foreigner”).

Produced by the award winning Nameless Media and Productions, the first season focuses on Tom Kellerman’s (Sherr) life in Japan and his work at the struggling Be Yes! School of English as he deals with his students, his co-workers, and all the other ups and downs of everyday life in Japan.

Episode 1 is out now, with 7 more to follow in season one! All episodes can be viewed for free on the “English Teachers” YouTube page:


Or the official English Teachers webpage:


Made by teachers who live and work in Japan and Asia, the “English Teachers” web series is the result of an international collaboration between actors and film makers from Japan, the UK, Australia and the USA and hopes to provide a unique and light-hearted look at modern Japan and its billion dollar English conversation school industry.