Wide Island View Seeks Editors!


The Wide Island View wants YOU on staff!

The Wide Island View is very excited to expand our staff this year and get more people involved in producing one of the best JET resources in Japan! Editors will be responsible for editing articles for their section of the webzine, and also for creating story ideas for their respective sections and finding writers for those stories (two stories a month, though more than two would, of course, be welcome.) Experience with editing is helpful, but not required. All applicants must be current JETs in Hiroshima prefecture.

We’re currently seeking editors for the following positions:

  • Culture Editor: POSITION FILLED!
  • Events Editor: Events covers both event previews and reviews. Past articles have covered events related to JET, such as the Fukuyama Film Festival, as well as non-JET related events like the “Naked Man Festival” in Okayama or the “Sake Festival” in Higashi-Hiroshima. While most events will be those taking place within Hiroshima Prefecture, articles on events in neighboring prefectures or other areas of Japan are also welcome. The events editor would also be responsible for the events calendar featured on the WIV home page.
  • Food Editor: This section is primarily filled with recipes, for both Japanese and non-Japanese food. There are also a couple of food-related articles without recipes, though, and these are also great. There’s an article about one JET’s experience at an out-of-the-way okonomiyaki stand, as well as a guide to buying wine online. One writer even wrote a short cocktail recipe to pair with his lasagna recipe. Recipe articles are some of the most popular on the site and are pretty limitless.
  • Sports Editor: Until now, the sports section has primarily been a series of articles written about the Sanfrecce Hiroshima Football (soccer) Club, as well as a few articles on scuba diving. Hiroshima prefecture also has official baseball (the Carps) and volleyball (JT Thunders) teams, though, and several JET-organized sports like touch rugby and ultimate Frisbee. Of course, there’s also the Japanese national sport, sumo. This section has the most room for growth and it’d be great to see some new content.
  • Travel Editor: The travel section includes both local (within Japan) and international travel. Past articles have included places as close as “Bunny Island” (eastern Hiroshima prefecture) and Shikoku, and places as far away as the Philippines and Indonesia. The type of travel has been just as varied, from short day trips within the prefecture to vacations in Hokkaido to volunteer trips in India. Travel advice articles are also welcome additions. The best thing about travel is that there are always more places to see, so you’ll never run out of topics.
  • Nihongo no Benkyou Editor: This section focuses on all things related to the Japanese language, from learning the basics to studying for the JLPT. Currently there are also two regular contributors who each write monthly columns about Japanese language learning tools and Japanese proverbs. Individual articles about Japanese iPhone apps, kanji, and even anime have also been featured. *The editor of this section should have some experience with Japanese as they’ll likely need to proofread some amount of Japanese.

Ready to apply? Awesome!
Please email the editor, Courtney Coppernoll, at wideislandview [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject header EDITOR: [section you’re applying for] and include the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. What year you are in JET and where you’re located within Hiroshima
  3. Why you’re interested in the section you’re applying for
  4. Any relevant experience (this includes not only editing/writing, but also anything related to the section you’re applying for)