Announcing the Spring Photo Contest 2010 winners!


Well, after much deliberation, the judges have rated all the photos entered in the Wide Island View’s Spring Photo Contest 2010, sponsored by White Rabbit Press, and we have some winners!

Thanks to all who entered the contest. The judges for this contest were Wide Island Editors Gail Meadows and Joshua Zimmerman and Hiroshima-ken ALTs Courtney Coppernoll, Natalie Oram and Luc Gougeon. There were a lot of really lovely photos, and we had very different opinions about which ones were best. Photos that were favorites for some judges were rated low by others, but the winners were the ones that had the highest score when all the ratings were added up. Kudos to all you Ishikawa-ken JETs, who sent us lots of submissions and came up with a couple winners!

Today’s winners will get to choose one of three super fabulous prizes from our affiliate, White Rabbit Press: beginner kanji flashcards, intermediate kanji flashcards, or a kanji poster. All have been recently updated to reflect the new version of the JLPT. (And now a moment for the small print, if you please! If you didn’t win and decide to purchase a White Rabbit product, please keep in mind that since Wide Island View is an affiliate of White Rabbit, if you click a link to White Rabbit from the Wide Island and subsequently buy a product from them in the following seven days, the Wide Island View will get a commission from the sale. Please help support the Wide Island!)

OK, now without further ado, congratulations to all the winners! Here they are!

First Place:

“Once in a Lifetime at Kiyomizudera” By Creighton Hofeditz, JET from Kanazawa city, Ishikawa-ken.

This picture was taken from the deck of Kiyomizudera in Kyoto at the end of March. There was a light-up for the sakura, but because of the strangely cold spring it started snowing for only the third time that year in Kyoto (according to a cab driver, anyway). Cue strange snow on sakura with lights from below.

Second Place:

“Fragile Beauty” By Melinda Antaramian, JET from Kyotamba-cho, Kyoto-fu.

This picture was taken on a tiny, little island filled with cherry blossoms in the middle of the Uji River.

Third Place:

“Tranquil Tanbo” By Virginia Middleton, second-year JET from Anamizu Town, Ishikawa-ken.

This photo was taken on May 2 at Senmaida (千枚田) near Wajima city in Ishikawa-ken. The new rice had just been planted that day.

Honorable Mention:

“Artist’s Rendition” By Gregory Chan, JET from Shika Town, Ishikawa-ken.

This photo was taken on Miyajima island during Golden Week. An old man was painting and I took this candid picture of him. I wanted a unique picture of the torii gate instead of the usual scenery shot.

To see a slideshow of all the entries, click here!

Our next contest is coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


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