Spring in Japan: Slideshow


UPDATE: Click here to see the winners of the Spring Photo Contest 2010!

Spring, and especially cherry blossom season, has got to be one of the most lovely times to live in Japan, and JETs throughout Japan have captured that beauty on camera. Thanks to all who entered the Wide Island View’s Spring Photo Contest 2010, generously sponsored by White Rabbit Press! You’re awesome!

Our judges are rating the photos now to determine the winners, so for now please enjoy this slideshow of all the entries. To view the slideshow, be sure to wait until this webpage is fully loaded and then click on the first photo below. It should pop up in a black box. Mouse over the left or right sides to see arrows that you can click to cycle through each photo.

The Top 3 contest winners will be announced next week. Winners will get to choose one of three awesome prizes from White Rabbit Press: beginner or intermediate sets of kanji flashcards, or a large kanji poster. All of these have been recently revised to reflect the newest version of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

One last thing! We are pleased to now be an affiliate of White Rabbit Press. That means that if you click a link on this website to White Rabbit and subsequently purchase anything from them in the following seven days, the Wide Island View will receive a commission from the sale. So if you plan to buy a product from White Rabbit, please click through to their site from the Wide Island View and help support us! よろしく!


  1. Spring in Japan: Slideshow…

    The Wide Island View held a spring photo contest and collected beautiful spring photos from around Japan. See the slideshow here….

  2. Great pictures! .. surprised to see to many from Ishikawa-jets. I was planing on going for a day next month (Abare matsuri in Noto, Ishikawa) but after looking at all this nice scenery i might have to change my plans and make that a 2 day trip 😉

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