Spring Photo Contest 2010 – With Prizes!


Thanks to the wonderful response to our Winter Photo Contest, we’ve decided to put our heads together and do a Spring Photo Contest. So once again you have the opportunity to share the beauty of Japan with millions of people all over the world, as well as have a chance to win some really cool prizes. This contest is open to everyone, not just JETs.

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The Prizes

The prizes for this contest are being donated by the very kind folks at White Rabbit Press. Three lucky winners will get to select one of the following items (all of which will be brand-new updated versions designed for the new Japanese Language Proficiency Test):

1.) Kanji Wall Poster

The poster includes all the joyo kanji, including every kanji you need to know for all five levels of the JLPT. It lists all the characters’ on and kun readings. In addition, each character is numbered to coordinate with the latest series of White Rabbit Press Kanji flashcards, and color-coordinated by the four pre-2010 JLPT levels. For those who are counting, the poster includes the 1,926 kanji on the JLPT’s list, plus the remaining 19 joyo kanji not on the JLPT, for a grand total of 1,945 kanji designated as official general use characters (joyo kanji) by the Japanese government. The poster is A0 (“A Zero”) size in landscape format (84 cm X 119 cm, or 33 inches X 47 inches). This poster normally retails for $28 (American).

2.) Japanese Kanji Flashcards, Series 2, Volume 1 (The complete set of beginner level kanji)

This set covers the 300 beginner-level kanji suitable for people who are studying for JLPT level N4 or N5. Each card includes six vocabulary words/phrases, including commonly used kanji compounds. The on and kun readings for each character are listed. Japanese is written all in kana and kanji (no romaji), with clear definitions in English. Additionally, each card features stroke-by-stroke diagrams that show you how to write each kanji, and the look-alike kanji feature helps you look out for confusingly similar kanji. The cards are varnished with rounded corners for durability. These cards normally retail for $28 (American).

3.) Japanese Kanji Flashcards, Series 2, Volume 2 (Intermediate level)

This set contains all the kanji for JLPT Level 2, newly updated to correspond with the new version of the JLPT. It includes 750 intermediate-level cards. Each card includes six vocabulary words/phrases, including commonly used kanji compounds. The on and kun readings are given for each character. Japanese is written all in kana and kanji, with clear definitions in English. Each card features stroke order diagrams to show you how to write each kanji, and a look-alike kanji feature to help you look out for confusingly similar kanji. The cards are printed on UV coated card stock with rounded corners for increased durability. These cards normally retail for $48 (American).

Photo Requirements

The theme of this contest is Spring. Spring in Japan. So that kind of gives you a lot of information right there. The photo must meet these very simple requirements to win a prize:

  • Be set in Japan.
  • Have a Spring theme.
  • Have been taken during the past six months.
  • Have been taken by the person who is submitting the photo.
  • Be no less than 1200 pixels on any side.

How To Submit

All you need to do is attach your photo to an email and send it to us at wivcontests (at) gmail (dot) com.  It’s that simple! Don’t forget to include this information with it as well:

  • Title the email “Spring Photo Contest 2010.”
  • Your full name.
  • Tell us if you are a JET or JET alum. If you are, tell us the town where you are/were placed.
  • Photo Title.
  • Where the photo was taken and a short description.

Hurry up!

Get snapping and send us a photo because this contest ends May 15. Any emails received after May 15 will only be submitted to our trash can. We will announce the winners around May 24, here at Wide Island View.

In addition to highlighting the winning photos, we also may use some submitted photos in the Shashin Spotlight feature photo section in the future. So even if you don’t win, you could still get to show off your super awesome photography skills.

As a big bonus, all winners will have their photos displayed on Englipedia’s homepage, which will bring them massive amounts of fame, good fortune, and bragging rights.

We’re looking forward to seeing all your pics of beautiful Japan!

The Official Rule List — Know and Obey

  • Limit of one photo submission per person.
  • Photos must be recieved by May 15, 2010.
  • Wide Island reserves the right to reject any photo we feel is objectionable.
  • Judging will be done by the editors and three other appointed judges, none of whom submitted photos.
  • Photos will be given a score from each judge. Winners will be those with the highest composite score.
  • Photos must be from Japan, taken within the last six months, and be no less than 1200 pixels.
  • Needless to say, this is about Spring, so non-Spring photos will be rejected.
  • Photo submissions are open to anyone worldwide as long as they meet the requirements listed above.
  • Photo must be taken by the person who is submitting the photo.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any photos that we think are digitally altered. Meaning that we’re perfectly fine with you cropping and doing color tweaks to your photos, but please don’t copy and paste a picture of a panda sitting on top of Tokyo Tower into your picture.
  • Your photos are your own work. We reserve no rights to your photos whatsoever. We only ask for the right to post them on our page to showcase how awesome they are. Which we kind of figure you’re OK with as you submitted your photo to a contest.

One last thing you should know:

The Wide Island View is now an affiliate of White Rabbit Press. That means that if you click the White Rabbit links or icons (like the one below) on our website and subsequently buy something from White Rabbit, the Wide Island View will get a small percentage of the money. That’s money that can go to help pay our monthly webhosting fees. So if you see something on the White Rabbit site that you intend to purchase, please click our White Rabbit links or banners to go to their site when you want to purchase it! Onegaishimasu!

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