Where Are They Now? JET Alum Crystal Spencer


Fukuyama JET alum Crystal Spencer (left) with her friend Eurica from Nepal.

Introducing the new Wide Island “Where Are They Now?” JET alumni survey! Fukuyama JET alum Crystal Spencer answers some questions about what she’s been up to post-JET and how the JET experience has helped her. If you’re a JET alum and would like to answer this questionnaire, please email the editors at wideislandview (atto) gmail (dotto) com!

Name: Crystal Spencer

Age: 27

Location in Japan while on JET: Fukuyama

Years on JET: 2006-2007

Currently living in: Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

Current occupation and jobs held since leaving JET: Intern at Denver Rescue Mission working with homeless families and children and mentor specialist with Save Our Youth (a non-profit).

Highlight/ funniest part of your JET experience: The time I tried to pull my bike out of a line of bikes and they all fell over. Everyone was looking at me and I decided to try to put them all back up!

How the JET Programme has benefited you career-wise: I have a greater appreciation for people from other backgrounds and people who look different from me.

What transferable skills JET gives you: Whenever I see foreigners in Colorado, I want to talk with them. I have joined an international student ministry group that reaches out to college students from other countries.

What advice you would give to current JETs for getting the most out of the JET experience in order to further their career afterwards: I would just encourage current JETs to step out of their apartments and be open to meeting new people and learning more about the culture and the Japanese people. I would encourage people to get involved in and outside of the schools that you work in, be in the community.

Any tips for job hunting after JET? Networking is a great help. I see that because people are connected to other people and if we get connected to people then they know people and possible job openings. You never know who has been put in your life for what reason. I have seen networking help many people when they are looking for a job. Networking is also good for getting volunteers and for getting the word out about volunteer positions for non-profits.