Wide Island View now accepting haiku & photos for Autumn Haiku Collection



Photo by Joe Meadows

The crunch of golden leaves underfoot. Apples, nabe and chestnut soft cream. The melodic dance of bamboo flutes and the rumble of taiko drums at fall festivals. Kagura dancers whirling across stage in beautiful, intricate costumes. Crisp night air and cuddly sweaters.

It’s autumn, a time when Japan’s beauty and character truly shines. Being here, it’s hard not to feel a little poetic when the temperature dips and blazing colors sweep across the mountains like Monet’s brush on canvas.

And so, in true Japanese style, why not celebrate autumn’s splendor by penning a haiku? The Wide Island View is now accepting submissions for its first Autumn Haiku Collection!

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry consisting of three lines totaling 17 syllables. The first line is five syllables, the second line is seven and the third line is five. Something like this poor excuse for a haiku that I wrote:

Apple cinnamon
The promise of pumpkin pie
Sweet and bewitching

Perhaps this haiku (penned by my witty friend Don Morris) is better:

I fall on the path
That was once easy to tread
Goddamn the wet leaves

The Wide Island View would like to invite all JETs in Hiroshima prefecture (as well as Hiroshima JET alumni) to send us haiku to be included in the collection. Serious, silly, fun or romantic, send ’em all. Submit your favorite fall photographs, as well, because we will publish the haiku with plenty of pictures. Feel free to submit haiku written in Japanese, but if you do, please include an English translation.

To contribute, email your haiku and/or fall photographs to wideislandview (at) gmail (dot) com. Or you can send an email to the Wideisland View Facebook person. The deadline is Friday, November 27. Please include your full name and the city/town where you are based!

Thanks and happy writing, everyone!