Get your game on! Fun iPhone/iPod games



By Joshua Zimmerman

Nothing is worse than a very long commute time to work, unless it’s a commute with nothing to do. Luckily if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone there are a number of ways to pass the day. Below are a few games to kill time on your daily commute.

Tower Defense Games

Fieldrunners $2.99

A very popular “tower defense” game with great graphics, open gameplay, plenty of replay value, and a low price. If you like your tower defense games, you’ll like this.


geoDefense $2.99 & geoDefense Swarm $0.99

The former is a “tower defense” game on rails featuring retro graphics and stunning particle effects. The latter is the sequel that expands on the original idea, only with complete open gameplay for add difficulty. (Free lite version available.)

geodefense_profilelarge geodefenseswarm1

Arcade Shooters

Blue Attack! $1.99

Protect your base against ever-increasing swarms of enemies. Featuring rich graphics, two modes of play, customizable ships, and plenty of action, it’s a game that will keep you entertained for some time.


Isotope $1.99

A beautiful top-down shooter in the style of Geometry Wars. With dozens of ship upgrades available and over 100 missions, Isotope will provide you with many hours of gameplay. (Free lite version available.)


Dropship $0.00 a.k.a. Free!

Pilot a ship through various 3D style mazes while picking up crew members. An interesting space flight game with retro graphics and plenty of replay value. Even more if you download the extra maps the company occasionally throws out. Plus it’s completely free, so give it a try.



MotoChaser $1.99

A 3D motorcycle racer in the grand tradition of Road Rash. Easy to play, but difficult to master. It’s a well-crafted game that makes nice use of the accelerometer for steering.



Alive4ever $0.99

An overhead shooter with an RPG element, the game provides plenty of zombie killing time. Think of it as a very simple version of Left4Dead. You can even play via Bluetooth with a friend.


Samurai: Way of the Warrior $2.99

It’s one of the few games in the iTunes store with beheading. Seriously. A beautifully rendered game with a rich soundtrack that allows you to cut your foes in half. Take on enemies in the story line or in a never-ending challenge mode. (Free lite version available.)


Flight Sim

F.A.S.T. $0.99

A complete combat flight sim that lets you pilot over a dozen planes across a 3D environment. Compete the challenges before taking on real people online. The missions range from very easy to hair-pulling insane.


So these are just some of the thousands of games you can find in the iTunes store. The best part about most of them is that they’re very cheap and provide hours of gameplay — something you occasionally need.

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