Let’s learn Japanese!


By Roisin McGowan

Sometimes I feel that learning Japanese is like climbing Mt. Fuji. After every stage, there seems to be another hurdle to overcome. One of the most refreshing ways to renew my motivation for learning Japanese is to watch a drama. I am a major J-drama fan. I developed my interest in J-drama only about two years ago, but I think it will last a lifetime.

There seems to be a direct correlation between learning a language and enjoying the culture that goes along with it. So whether you are interested in tea ceremony or cosplay, karate or manga, having a Japanese hobby is a great way to sustain your Japanese study.

Below is a list of interesting Web sites to explore Japanese dramas and music.

MySoju.Com – Feeding Your Drama Addiction
This site is a treasure chest for lovers of Asian dramas and movies. It provides English subtitles and all the dramas are in alphabetical order for your easy viewing.

Cruchyroll – Feed your Need
This Web site allows you to download the most recent episodes of Asian dramas and Japanese anime. I think all the otakus out there will die and go to heaven!

Kiwi Musume’s Jpop Page
For karaoke lovers, this Web site provides the lyrics and English translations to the latest J-pop releases, so you can practice at home without paying the 2,000 yen nomi-hodai charge!