AJET Bulletin November 2008

A word from Aaron Sponseller, AJET Representative in Hiroshima Prefecture.

By Aaron Sponseller

Greetings from Hiroshima AJET!

We’d like to thank everyone who has participated in our events so far this year. The Mt. Fuji climb was an absolute success. The transportation was all on time, the weather was perfect, and every single climber made it to the summit! Everyone also got back to the bus on time, so we had ample time at the after-climb onsen. The onsen was definitely not great and we’ve told the travel company that we want to change that next year. But overall the trip was great. Thanks and congratulations to all those who took part. We hope Mt. Fuji provided you with some good memories!

The Okunoshima/Bunny/Poison Gas Island trip was also a success from all reports. Those of you who made it were no doubt tickled by the cuteness of the feral bunnies and simultaneously creeped out by the thought that the ground you were walking on was essentially a big factory of death a little more than 60 years ago. We hope you enjoyed yourselves!

Check out the events we’ve lined up for November and December:

November 15-16 – Fukuoka Sumo / Spaceworld Trip
¥18,000 Members / ¥19,000 Non-Members
There are still open spaces for this annual overnight trip to Fukuoka to
watch the last Grand Sumo Tournament of the year. Anybody can sign up, so feel free to invite your friends or colleagues. This trip is always one of the most enjoyable of the year. Saturday afternoon, everybody chills out and watches sumo. Sumo is truly unique to Japan, and the sumo bouts are spaced several minutes apart. Most people have a great time sitting and talking with friends for a few minutes and then joining the crowd for several raucous seconds of primal action. This goes on for a few hours and it is great fun. In the evening everyone is let loose to do whatever they like in the lively city of Fukuoka (apparently the home of Japan’s most beautiful people). Among the countless bars and clubs, you are bound to find a place that suits your style. Sunday morning everybody heads to Spaceworld for a day of all-you-can-ride roller coasters and tons of other amusement park fun.

December 6 – Sanfrecce Game (Hiroshima city)
¥1,500 Members / ¥1,700 Non-Members (Minimum 15 people)
This is the last soccer game of the season, and it may be your last
opportunity to see Sanfrecce win while you’re still in Japan. Even if you’re a regular supporter we hope we can tempt you with our little AJET discount…

December 13 – Bounenkai
Price TBA. Location: Molly Malone’s (Irish Bar), Hiroshima city
Look out for details of our “forget the year” party complete with
food, nomihoudai and a charity pub quiz. For all you JETs who are sick of Asahi Super Dry, sake, shochu, eating with chopsticks and mystery Japanese food, come join us. Western food and drink, a pub quiz and a large room reserved just for us all but ensure that everyone will feel at home and ready to raise a glass to say goodbye to 2008. You’ll be glad you came!